Botox®… For Beauty and Beyond!

Botox® injections may be one of the most significant medical advances of the past half century. First introduced in the late 1970’s, Botox® has demonstrated a proven track record of safety and results for patients who choose to utilize its special properties to smooth aging facial lines. Recent studies have proven that even repeated use of Botox® over long periods of time provide sustained positive results. These studies were undertaken by trained and experienced health care professionals who understand that successful treatment involves striking a natural balance between the patient’s aesthetic needs and a strong medical foundation.

One of the most exciting aspects of Botox® treatment is that physicians and researchers are discovering new complimentary uses which will enhance the ability to rejuvenate both the body and mind. Botox®, in combination with other fillers and intense pulsed light, can provide years of youth back to your skin. Different types of light can eliminate such blemishes as small blood vessels, discolorations such as birthmarks, or even unwanted hair. These procedures in combination with Botox® have been preformed with great success allowing your doctor to apply an artist’s touch to your face.

Even newer uses to help rejuvenate the body are starting to be utilized by physicians. Botox® injections are currently being provided for the treatment of various types of headaches and chronic pain. Recently, patients with a certain type of migraine experienced benefit from a Botox® injection to muscles in the head and neck. In another study, 80% of patients suffering from tension-type headache felt significant improvement from Botox® injections directly to areas of discomfort. There were minimal side effects and in fact it was felt that Botox® had less potential complications than many oral medications commonly used to treat headache pain. It also appeared from these studies that patients did not develop a tolerance to the Botox®. Instead, as long as they continued to receive injections patients reported pain relief.

Recently, the Food and Drug Administration approved Botox® for the treatment of severe underarm sweating known as primary axillary hyperhydrosis, which affects millions in their everyday social and public interactions. While this therapy has been available outside of the United States for some time now, it only recently has gained acceptance in the United States. Patients with this uncomfortable dermatologic condition had few pleasant options prior to the availability of Botox®. Usually sufferers found no relief from topical antiperspirants and were offered oral drugs such as anticholinergics and anxiolytics – drugs with many unlikable side effects. As a last resort patients underwent surgery, often mutilating, to remove sweat glands from underneath the skin. Now patients have the option to have Botox® injected under their skin and the results have been dramatic. Often these patients can go for more than a year before a second injection is needed. Side effects in the studies were minimal and patients are among the most grateful for the dramatic change in their condition. Botox® has come a long way in proving to patients that its effects are dramatic, especially in its ability to rejuvenate facial expressions and recapture a youthful presentation. Now, as physicians are expanding the uses of this treatment for other unpleasant conditions, which can affect the body and spirit and experiencing amazing results, patients have even greater options to look and especially feel their best.

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