Prevent knee pain and injury with some simple steps

Knee injuries are extremely common. With a variety of causes,  including sudden injury from sports or a fall, or conditions that develop over time (like arthritis), pain in your knees means exercise, walking or just getting out of a chair can be a challenge.  While not every cause of knee pain can be prevented, there are a few steps you can take to help your knees stay strong and support you for many years to come.

Control your weight. Your knees are a weight-bearing joint. This means they work to support everything pressing down on them from above, and if you are heavy, that can put a big strain on the  knee, increasing your chance of developing arthritis.

Wear good shoes that fit well. Did you know that your feet play a role in the health of your knees? Properly fitted shoes help align the foot, ankle and knee for proper movement, and can help prevent injury.

Warm up before you exercise.  Warming up the muscles of the legs helps prevent stress on the knees as the body begins to move. Warming up should include stretching of the muscles at the front and back of your thigh, and make sure to start your exercise routine slowly at first and increase your intensity over a few minutes.

Don’t stop moving.  Whenever possible, try to keep moving. Even if you aren’t able to run, take a walk around the block or just try moving your knees while watching television. Lack of use can cause a big decline in the function of your knee, which may be difficult to regain.

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